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Nutrient Management

      Sara West has recently been hired as the new Nutrient  Management Specialist working with producers in Fillmore, Houston, Winona, Olmsted and Mower counties with the development of Nutrient Management Plans. The definition of a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is managing the amount, source, placement, form and timing of the application of plant nutrients and soil amendments.

A NMP is comprised of basic farm, crop, animal and manure information which can be used to maximize your total farming operations nutrient needs.  When complete it gives the producers a detailed overview of their operation and allows the producers to use the plan as a tool to increase net returns.  Furthermore, it will help utilize plant nutrients in a form that maintains or improves soil and protects water, air, plant, animal and human resources.

  Nutrient Management Planning Poster

If you would like to develop a plan or have questions pertaining to NMP's, contact Sara at (507) 765-3878 Ext. 3.




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