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Tree Program

Fillmore Soil and Water Conservation District tree program was developed to provide landowners with an affordable and convenient way to purchase trees and shrubs for conservation practices, such as windbreaks, shelterbelts, living snowfences and wildlife habitat.  This program is offered yearly with sales beginning in the fall and delivered in spring (April-May). The SWCD holds the tree sale program annually.  Fillmore SWCD sells bareroot deciduous trees and shrubs, bareroot confiers, potted conifers and can take special orders.  Please contact the SWCD for tree and shrub species you'd like to special order to check on availability and pricing (507-765-3878 ext. 123 or

The order form to purchase trees for spring 2022 is provided below and was sent out to individuals who have purchased trees in the last 3 years and folks who have requested one.  For best selection place your tree order by February 21, 2022.  We will take tree orders after this but is subject to availability of our stock.


2022 Tree Descriptions


Payments are due in full at time of purchase.


Make checks payable to: Fillmore SWCD                                    Credit Cards are accepted for payment

Mail order form with payment to:                                                  *Convience fee of 3% charged

      Fillmore SWCD

      900 Washington St NW                                                        Call 507-765-3878 ext. 101 to place    

      Preston, MN 55965                                                               order and make payment with credit card




Click the links below for descriptions and pictures of items on the tree order form.


Shrubs            Deciduous Trees          Conifers


Tree Mats           Fertilizer Packets          Tree Tubes


Bee Lawn Mix          Rain Barrel (DIY Kit)



Tree Pick-Up:


Pick-up of trees will be in the Spring 2021 (April-May) at the

Conservation Building located at 912 Houston St in Preston.


Customers will be notified with a postcard by mail of the pick up dates and time.



Tree Planter Rental Policy:

The SWCD has 2 tree planters available to rent.

Cost for rental $25.00 per half day or $50.00 for a whole day with a $25.00 minimum charge.


Miller Tree Planter (Green) is a pull behind machine with electric hydraulics to raise and lower the machine.  It requires a hitch pin for towing, not a trailer ball.


Detco Tree Planter (Yellow) is a pull behind machine and requires a 2 inch ball hitch for towing.


Each planter can be easily pulled by a tractor of 40HP or higher.  For your safety, operate the tractor at as low a speed as practical for conditions.  In no instance should the speed be faster than a moderate walking pace (3mph).


Tree Planting Guidance


Tree Seedling Planting Guide                            Tree Owner's Manual


Common mistakes that will kill young trees are:

*Not planting trees at the proper depth

*Allowing roots to curl back toward the top of the hole or trench thus not allowing proper root spread

*Leaving tree roots exposed to the sun and wind during planting

*Planting directly into sod

*Lack of watering

*Planting trees where they won't receive sufficient sunlight

*Keeping trees packaged for more than a few days without cold storage and water



The District sells good quality trees - but offers no guarantee of survival.  Every effort is taken to provide quality stock, but numerous variables beyond our control once the trees and shrubs leave us (handling, site preparation, soil types, chemical, planting methods, soil moisture, maintenance...), prevents us from offering any warranty on the trees and shrubs.



Tree Program Contact: 

Mindy Williamson

                                                 507-765-3878 ext. 101